Cooking Classes in Bellagio

From fried pizza to risotto to nebbiolo, Bellagio with Antonella Coppola, Neapolitan Chef. “Nene Bellagio Kitchen” is not a restaurant but a place where you can participate in real Cooking Experience in Bellagio. Group Cooking Classes reigns friendship and convivial moments, are not simple cooking lessons but hours are happy where expectations will never be disappointed as they are a simple person and I think this is clearly evident.
A thin thread that links tradition and elegance to make a concept of an Italian table.
A convivial and lightweight concept of a “Chef Table” in Bellagio on Lake Como, with me Antonella Coppola in an Italy that is still dreaming. An Italian who knows how to excite, that can give warmth, hugs and sincere smiles. I’m too biased? no..sono simply in love with my country of our excellence on the table, and that I wish I could share with the world through my kitchen, a very simple cuisine in some ways, but sound genuine, sincere and quality. Because I want only the best for those who sit at the table and eat with me, here at Bellagio in the corner of Lake Como in my kitchen. So I expect you all in Via Dei Pescatori 18, Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy.
To go along with days dedicated to the kitchen among the pots, stoves and lots of laughter! you will see with me will feel every chef for a day!